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force bracelet
Charge per Use

500 Fidget cell: 5 usesSolar cell: 5 usesChem cell: 20 usesNuclear cell: 200 usesAntimatter cell: 400 uses

Charge Used For

Field upkeep [500]






Can Disassemble


Can Build


Tinker Skill

Tinker II



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Force Bracelet

Worn On


Extra Info:
force bracelet

A wrist-mounted force-field emitter.


A True Kin Consul wearing an activated force bracelet.

A force bracelet is a wrist-worn artifact which, when worn, powered, and activated, creates a 3x3 ring of Forcefield.pngforcefield around the creature wearing the force bracelet, draining the energy cell placed in it.

Upon activation, the game displays the following message:
A force bubble pops into being around you!

This force bubble moves with the creature. Similarly to the Force Bubble mutation, the user can also fire missile weapons through their own force bubble. The bubble will disappear when the creature or player wearing the force bracelet chooses to deactivate the bracelet or the energy cell powering the bracelet runs out of charge.

Upon the bubble disappearing, the game will display the following message:
The force bubble snaps off.

Maintaining the bubble requires a large amount of charge per round (500), quickly draining most energy cells.


A force bracelet is a guaranteed part of the starting equipment for True Kin consuls.

A force bracelet can be obtained in exchange for Kindrish at Bey Lah.