Force Wall

A 7-tile-long Force Wall

This Mutation costs 3 Mutation Points


You generate a wall of force that protects you from your enemies.

At Level 1: Edit

Creates 9 contiguous squares of immobile force field

  • As long as they're contiguous, they can be arranged any way you desire, and at any distance, even in areas you can't see. Your force field my pass through existing walls if you wish.

Cooldown: 100 rounds (-8 per mutation level to a minimum of 5 before applying Willpower.)

Duration: 25 rounds

You may fire missile weapons through the force field

Advancement Edit

Mutation Level Base Cooldown
1 100 rounds
2 92 rounds
3 84 rounds
4 76 rounds
5 68 rounds
6 60 rounds
7 52 rounds
8 44 rounds
9 36 rounds
10 28 rounds
nth Level 108 - (n) rounds

(minimum of 5 rounds)


  • Force Wall is less expensive than Force Bubble, and has many of the same advantages; it differs in that its cooldown decreases with level, rather than increasing its duration.
  • Like Force Bubble most of your own weapons and powers can be fired through your forcefields, allowing you to attack enemies with near impunity.
  • Compared to Force Bubble, It is somewhat easier for a dedicated psychic to get Force Wall to the point where it can be kept up indefinitely (around level 12, with sufficient Willpower and Ego.) Beyond this point, you can have two Force Walls active at once, although it's important to remember which one will expire first.
  • When used properly, Force Wall provides an almost unbeatable defense. Enemies cannot move through it, and most attacks will not pierce it, including bullets, explosions, or breath skills. However, gases such as sleep gas or acid gas will pierce it.
  • Force Wall is also extremely versatile; in addition to splitting enemies into manageable groups, it can prevent you from being followed while retreating. It can be placed around enemies to immobilize them, which is useful against certain particularly dangerous opponents or enemies that require unusual strategies; and with its unlimited range, it can block off enemy movement long before they reach you, especially if coupled with Clairvoyance to determine where to place it.  It can also be used to buy you time for your other mutations to refresh, which is especially valuable if you depend heavily on something such as Force Bubble.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Unlike Force Bubble, the wall will not knock enemies aside as it appears, so it can't instantly help you if an enemy is already adjacent to you. In that situation, you can place a force wall over yourself and retreat out of it away from an enemy; they'll get at least one hit on you as you place the wall, but won't be able to follow after that. You can also pull your allies out of a forcefield tile by trying to move into that tile. The ally will be placed into your square (thus occupying the same square until you move).
  • It is not possible to move through your own force fields.
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