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Can't be attacked in melee by non-flying creatures.
Isn't affected by terrain.
Fast travels much faster.


flying is an effect given to all airborne creatures and objects.

Creatures that are flying cannot be targeted by melee attacks from non-flying creatures. However, when flying, creatures gain a Swoop ability that allows them to attack non-flying creatures.

Flying is only possible on surface zones. Creatures cannot fly underground. Some subterranean creatures, such as Bat.pngbats, have the Wings mutation or a description that indicates that they have wings and can fly, however, those creatures do not actually have the flying effect from a mechanical perspective, and they can be targeted normally by melee attacks.


Whenever a creature is flying, that creature also gains access to a Swoop ability.[1] Swoop will attempt to attack an adjacent non-flying creature, with the attack functioning identically to a melee attack. When using Swoop, a flying creature will have a small chance of falling clumsily to the ground. The chance of falling to the ground is doubled if the swoop-attacker is shield blocked[2].

Sources of Flying[]

Flight Source Movement fall chance Swoop fall chance
The Wings mutation (6 - Level)% (24 - Level)%
Mechanical wings.pngmechanical wings 5% 23%
Gyrocopter backpack.pnggyrocopter backpack* 2% 20%
Antigravity boots.pnganti-gravity boots* 0% 18%

* Require energy to function


Movement fall chance
6 - FlightLevel
Swoop fall chance
24 - FlightLevel


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