The Flower Fields on the world map.

"Prismatic filament colonizes the cracks between the salted rot. There are meadows here, She says."

The Flower Fields are an early to mid-tier biome north of the Salt Marsh and east of the Great Salt Desert. It will always house the Hindren village Bey Lah at a random location.

This area is famous for its Lahblooms, which will often spawn in their predatory variant, the Feral Lah. This flower will spawn Feral Lah Pods, which follow their targets and explode in a considerable area.

Also, this biome houses Mimics, which can be extremely dangerous to early game characters, since they completely blend in with the environment and will grab their target once it's in melee range.

Ocassionally, you will find pools of Fresh Water on the ground.

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