"A giant ant whose antennae writhe about furiously. Plumes of fragrant smoke rise out of dozens of tiny pores scattered across its carapace."

Its mutation allows it to shoot streams of fire, dealing 2d4+1 heat damage, once every 10 turns. While that damage itself is only really dangerous to the very low-level characters, the fire can create Searing Steam, if it hits water, which has the potential to cause a massive amounts of secondary damage.

Against the common reason - avoid water when fighting fire ants!

If they ignite you, remember that you can beat at the flames by passing a turn and waiting in place, which will extinguish it sooner.

Notes Edit

His natural weapon counts as axe.

Equipment slots:

  • Body
  • Head
  • Antennae
  • Worn on Back
  • Right Foreleg
  • Left Foreleg
  • Right Midleg
  • Left Midleg
  • Right Hindleg
  • Left Hindleg
  • Forelegs
  • Midlegs
  • Hindlegs
  • Floating Nearby
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