The Fetid Pools are a dungeon branch situated below Cloaca, the deepest level of Golgotha. It is a dangerous and hard to reach place. The dungeon consists of ten levels spanning three separately named segments: Fetid Pools (6-8), Deep Cells (9-14), Oublette (15). The stairway further down from the Oublette leads to a generic Underground level.

Getting There[edit | edit source]

While technically a part of Golgotha, the Pools are rarely visited, and may be considered a separate place altogether. There are no regular stairways leading down to the area. Instead, players who wish to visit it must typically dig their way out of Golgotha, find a stair down in one of the surrounding Underground levels, and then dig their way back to arrive at the screen situated directly below Golgotha.

Note that the chrome walls of Golgotha are not destroyed by acid gas, unlike the shale that fills the surrounding levels, but are susceptible to other methods, like resonance grenades. If all else fails, holding Ctrl and a direction key to continuously attack the walls will wear them down sooner or later.

The topmost level of the Fetid Pools (level 6) may contain one or more stairways leading back to Golgotha. Beware, however, as using these will not generate a corresponding down stairs, forcing the player to retrace their steps to reach the Pools again.

Monsters and Loot[edit | edit source]

The Pools sport a bestiary one would expect from a cross Golgotha and a generic Underground biotope. It can be a good place to level up, but an unprepared player risk getting swarmed by the many monsters. There are a lot of jells, which yield high experience rewards, but also leave nasty pools behind. Any player who visits The Fetid Pools is advised to prepare a cure for Glotrot in advance, as the chance of contracting it is extremely high in this area. In addition to jells, typical monsters include giant beetles, drillbots, scrap shovelers, glow wights, agolflies, agolmaggots, electric snails, rustaceans, eyeless crabs, spark ticks, spitting slugs, gelatinous frustrums, eyeless king crabs, and more.

There is not much treasure to find in this area, however, containing mostly heaps of trash/scraps, with the occational random chest, much like the rest of Golgotha. Arguably, players of the appropriate level may prefer to visit the Asphalt Mines or the basement levels beneath Grit Gate, for more rewarding (and easily accessible) locations.

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