"This enormous crab scuttles forth beneath a cavernous ivory shell large enough to house a man and a bedroll, and in fact Qud's subterranean hermits are known to take up residence in the flaking shells of dead king crabs."

Notes Edit

Can be butchered into Eyeless King Crab Legs.

Capable of huge damage spikes of over 50 HP if both claws get good hits in. Like their smaller cousins, Eyeless King Crabs have high AV, making them relatively difficult to damage with many weapons, and their massive claws can smash through even the heaviest armour. They are a significant threat in melee for almost any character.

They spawn with an entourage of Eyeless Crabs, including when cloned.

Skills: Cudgel Proficiency, Flurry, Offhand Strikes, Two-weapon Fighting.

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