This Mutation costs 2 Mutation Points


Through sheer force of will, you perform uncanny physical feats.

At Level 1: Edit

Augments one physical attribute by an amount equal to twice your Ego bonus

Cooldown: 200 rounds

Duration: 6d4+2 rounds

Advancement Edit

Mutation Level Duration
1 6d4+2 rounds
2 8d4+2 rounds
3 10d4+2 rounds
4 12d4+2 rounds
5 14d4+2 rounds
6 16d4+2 rounds
7 18d4+2 rounds
8 20d4+2 rounds
9 22d4+2 rounds
10 24d4+2 rounds
nth Level (4+(n*2))d4+2 rounds

Advantages Edit

  • Ego Projection dramatically increases one of your physical attributes.
  • Duration scales with mutation level
  • Can chose which attribute to jack up, meaning it has multiple utilities depending on the situation
    • Strength is generally the least-useful option, although it has some applications.  While this can improve your melee damage, you will need defenses capable of keeping you alive in close combat, which you're unlikely to be able to afford.
    • Agility can enhance your accuracy for ranged attacks can be more reliable, simultaneously providing both defense and offense.
    • Toughness, though, is likely the most all-around useful option; it immediately increases both your maximum and current hit points (proportionate to the damage you have taken), making you far more survivable. You cannot die from boosted toughness running out.
  • Can be stacked multiple times if your cooldown is short enough to cast the next ability before the previous buff ends
    • Combined with Mass Mind, can instantly cast a second Ego Projection

Disadvantages Edit

  • Power purely relies with your Ego modifier
  • Cannot be used to satisfy skill requirements; therefore, if you rely entirely on Ego Projection to raise a key attribute in order to engage in weapon combat, you won't be able to learn the skills necessary to take full advantage of it. 
    • A more sustainable strategy can be to take an already-high attribute and boost it even higher; but between that and taking high Ego to boost Ego Projection, this can stretch a mutant's attribute points extremely thin.
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