Dismember is a skill in the Axe group. One handed axes adds 3% chance to dismember, and Two handed axes adds 6% chances to dismember.

  • The item mod serrated adds another 3% chance to dismember to a weapon (axes and long blades).
  • Charging strike doubles the chance to dismember when you charge at your enemies, it even synergizes with serrated mod.
  • Decapitation skill would allow you to kill enemies instantly by cutting of their head (some enemies may have multiple heads, like rhinox whom has three head)
  • Berserk skill would make every hit of yours that pierces the enemy to cause dismember
    • Coupled with flurry, it would allow you to cut off 2-6 limbs (depending on how much arm you have) at once in one turn
  • Enemies such as Madpoles and Saw-Handers can dismember the player's limbs as well.

Dismembered Limbs Edit

  • Dismembered body parts count as 5 lb corpses, that can be eaten to sate hunger, and can sometimes be more filling than the creature it was removed from. It has good synergy with the Carnivorous mutation.
  • Faces, which give a +1-3 Ego (depending on the creature's level) when worn and a large negative reputation with the face's faction
    • Two headed mutant with two faced helmet can benefit from up to 12 Ego from wearing faces of high level creatures
  • The usual legs and arms of creatures
    • Cutting off feet and legs gives major movement speed reduction to the creature
    • Cutting of hands and arms prevents those creature to use weapon or even their missile weapon
  • Several, otherwise rare weapon from certain creatures such as (although most robot drops their weapons anyway upon death)
    • Seed Spitter's seed pod, a cheap rifle until it runs out of seeds.
    • Laser Rifle from laser Turret or Mercurial
    • Chaingun, Musket, and Desert Rifle from their respective turrets
    • Booster Gun from boosterbot, which shoots tonics
    • Grenade Launcher from Trapising Mortar
    • Leering Stalker's Decapitated head and Blast Cannon, which can be disassembled to get a AI Microcontrollers bit (7).
    • Chrome Pyramid's Decapitated head Swarm Rack can be disassembled for Metacrystal bit (8)
  • Robot limbs and faces may also be disassembled for tinkering Bits.