This Mutation costs 3 Mutation Points.


You disintegrate nearby matter.

At Level 1: Edit

Cooldown: 75 rounds
Range: 0
Area: 7x7 around self
Damage to organic matter: 1d10+2
Damage to inorganic matter: 1d100+20
You are exhausted for 3 rounds after using this power

Advancement Edit

Mutation Level Damage to Organic Matter Damage to Inorganic Matter
1 1d10+2 1d100+20
2 2d10+4 2d100+20
3 3d10+6 3d100+20
4 4d10+8 4d100+20
5 5d10+10 5d100+20
6 6d10+12 6d100+20
7 7d10+14 7d100+20
8 8d10+16 8d100+20
9 9d10+18 9d100+20
10 10d10+20 10d100+20
nth Level (n)d10+(n*2) (n)d100+20


  • "Inorganic matter" includes walls, so this can be used to tunnel.
  • As well as use on walls, Disintegration is an excellent weapon against Robots, as they too are considered "inorganic matter".
  • At higher levels, Disintegration deals a lot of damage to every creature nearby, making it a good last-ditch superweapon if you're relatively confident you can survive the paralysis afterwards.


  • You are paralyzed for several turns after using this, rendering you extremely vulnerable. If you have Force Bubble or Force Wall, activating it before using Disintegration is a very effective way to mitigate this mutation's (potentially lethal, depending on circumstances) drawback. Tightening one's Carapace is a decent option as well.
  • Items lying on the ground can and will be obliterated by the hellish amount of damage this mutation inflicts upon non-living targets.
  • Disintegration will destroy walls all around you, sometimes breaking into rooms you didn't realize were there, leaving you vulnerable to their occupants while your paralysis wears off.
  • There is also Resonance Grenade that mimics this mutation's ability

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