The Desert Canyons terrain type covers a good portion of the western quarter of the map. 

Mountains of Shale create narrow passages and large-scale mazes in this arid wasteland. Long roads wind through the mountains, often passing close to Snapjaw camps and forts.

Unique FeaturesEdit

Large Snapjaw strongholds can be found here.

Friendly Dromad Traders can be found travelling the canyons, leading packs of Great Saltback defended by well-armored Caravan Guards.

Fenced-in Starapple Farms can be discovered, where farmers sell fresh starapples and cider. Beware you don't lose your heart to a shy farmer's daughter!

Fenced-in Pig Farms can be discovered, where farmers sell pig meat and tend to their herds. They usually have guard dogs guarding the perimeter.

Flora and FaunaEdit




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