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This information is reliable as of patch If this is no longer the current patch, you can help by updating it.
As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

Melee Weapons 1[edit source]

Item from Melee Weapons 1C119595.00%
Item from Melee Weapons 1R1155.00%

Melee Weapons 1C[edit source]

Bronze dagger1d11208.66%
Bronze battle axe1d11208.66%
Hand axe1d11208.66%
Bronze long sword1d11208.66%
Bronze short sword1d11208.66%
Bronze two-handed sword1d11208.66%
Iron mace1d11208.66%
Bronze mace1d11104.33%
Iron dagger1d11104.33%
Iron short sword1d11104.33%
Iron battle axe1d11104.33%
Iron long sword1d11104.33%
Item from Melee Weapons 2C1110.43%

Melee Weapons 1R[edit source]

Iron mace1d114024.84%
Desert kris1d112012.42%
Bronze mace1d112012.42%
Iron dagger1d112012.42%
Iron short sword1d112012.42%
Iron battle axe1d112012.42%
Iron long sword1d112012.42%
Item from Melee Weapons 2R1110.62%

Melee Weapons 2[edit source]

Item from Melee Weapons 2C119595.00%
Item from Melee Weapons 2R1155.00%

Melee Weapons 2C[edit source]

Steel kukri1d112016.53%
Steel utility knife1d11108.26%
Steel battle axe1d112016.53%
Steel vinereaper1d11108.26%
Steel long sword1d112016.53%
Steel short sword1d112016.53%
Steel war hammer1d112016.53%
Item from Melee Weapons 3C1110.83%

Melee Weapons 2R[edit source]

Steel butcher knife1d112011.05%
Two-handed steel long sword1d112011.05%
Two-handed steel war hammer1d112011.05%
Two-handed steel battle axe1d112011.05%
Carbide dagger1d112011.05%
Carbide short sword1d112011.05%
Carbide long sword1d112011.05%
Carbide battle axe1d112011.05%
Carbide hammer1d112011.05%
Item from Melee Weapons 3R1110.55%

Melee Weapons 3[edit source]

Item from Melee Weapons 3C119595.00%
Item from Melee Weapons 3R1155.00%

Melee Weapons 3C[edit source]

Carbide dagger1d112019.80%
Carbide short sword1d112019.80%
Carbide long sword1d112019.80%
Carbide battle axe1d112019.80%
Carbide hammer1d112019.80%
Item from Melee Weapons 4C1110.99%

Melee Weapons 3R[edit source]

Folded carbide dagger1d112013.25%
Folded carbide short sword1d112013.25%
Folded carbide long sword1d112013.25%
Folded carbide battle axe1d112013.25%
Carbide folding hammer1d112013.25%
Salthopper mandible1d112013.25%
Two-handed carbide long sword1d11106.62%
Two-handed carbide battle axe1d11106.62%
Two-handed carbide hammer1d11106.62%
Item from Melee Weapons 4R1110.66%

Melee Weapons 4[edit source]

Item from Melee Weapons 4C119595.00%
Item from Melee Weapons 4R1155.00%

Melee Weapons 4C[edit source]

Folded carbide dagger1d112019.80%
Folded carbide short sword1d112019.80%
Folded carbide long sword1d112019.80%
Folded carbide battle axe1d112019.80%
Carbide folding hammer1d112019.80%
Item from Melee Weapons 5C1110.99%

Melee Weapons 4R[edit source]

Fullerite dagger1d11208.13%
Fullerite short sword1d11208.13%
Fullerite long sword1d11208.13%
Fullerite battle axe1d11208.13%
Fullerite maul1d11208.13%
Two-handed folded carbide long sword1d11208.13%
Two-handed folded carbide battle axe1d11208.13%
Two-handed carbide folding hammer1d11208.13%
Gaslight kris1d113012.20%
Gaslight flyssa1d113012.20%
Folded carbide wristblade1d11208.13%
Item from Melee Weapons 5R1110.41%

Melee Weapons 5[edit source]

Item from Melee Weapons 5C119595.00%
Item from Melee Weapons 5R1155.00%

Melee Weapons 5C[edit source]

Fullerite dagger1d112019.80%
Fullerite short sword1d112019.80%
Fullerite long sword1d112019.80%
Fullerite battle axe1d112019.80%
Fullerite maul1d112019.80%
Item from Melee Weapons 6C1110.99%

Melee Weapons 5R[edit source]

Crysteel dagger1d114016.95%
Crysteel long sword1d11208.47%
Crysteel battle axe1d11208.47%
Crysteel mace1d11208.47%
Two-handed fullerite long sword1d11208.47%
Fullerite two-handed axe1d11208.47%
Two-handed fullerite maul1d11208.47%
Gaslight kris1d113012.71%
Gaslight flyssa1d113012.71%
Item from Melee Weapons 6R1110.42%

Melee Weapons 6[edit source]

Item from Melee Weapons 6C119595.00%
Item from Melee Weapons 6R1155.00%

Melee Weapons 6C[edit source]

Crysteel dagger1d114049.38%
Crysteel long sword1d112024.69%
Crysteel battle axe1d112024.69%
Item from Melee Weapons 7C1111.23%

Melee Weapons 6R[edit source]

Crysteel dagger1d114026.49%
Crysteel long sword1d112013.25%
Crysteel battle axe1d112013.25%
Crysteel great sword1d112013.25%
Crysteel halberd1d112013.25%
Crysteel warhammer1d112013.25%
Item from Melee Weapons 7R1110.66%

Melee Weapons 7[edit source]

Item from Melee Weapons 7C119595.00%
Item from Melee Weapons 7R1155.00%

Melee Weapons 7C[edit source]

Flawless crysteel dagger1d114039.60%
Flawless crysteel long sword1d112019.80%
Flawless crysteel battle axe1d112019.80%
Flawless crysteel mace1d112019.80%
Item from Melee Weapons 8C1110.99%

Melee Weapons 7R[edit source]

Flawless crysteel dagger1d114024.10%
Flawless crysteel long sword1d112012.05%
Flawless crysteel battle axe1d112012.05%
Flawless crysteel mace1d112012.05%
Flawless crysteel great sword1d112012.05%
Flawless crysteel halberd1d112012.05%
Flawless crysteel warhammer1d112012.05%
Item from Melee Weapons 8R1110.60%

Melee Weapons 8[edit source]

Item from Melee Weapons 8C119595.00%
Item from Melee Weapons 8R1155.00%

Melee Weapons 8C[edit source]

Zetachrome dagger1d114040.00%
Zetachrome long sword1d112020.00%
Zetachrome battle axe1d112020.00%
Zetachrome hammer1d112020.00%

Melee Weapons 8R[edit source]

Zetachrome dagger1d114025.00%
Zetachrome long sword1d112012.50%
Zetachrome battle axe1d112012.50%
Zetachrome hammer1d112012.50%
Two-handed zetachrome long sword1d112012.50%
Zetachrome halberd1d112012.50%
Zetachrome warhammer1d112012.50%