Confusion is a status effect that alters the subject's perception of the game world. When the player character is confused, the displayed layout of the tiles on the in-game map distorts at random, the look command (default keybinding L) is disabled, and all in-game objects have their name replaced with meaningless babble; this includes the items in the player character's inventory, which are also no longer sorted into categories.

Even though the condition renders the map display unreliable, it is still possible to navigate and target enemies by memory, although this becomes less and less reliable over time due to enemies moving around and potentially affecting the map environment. Confusion can be a deadly condition for the player if encountered together with a threatening level of opposition, as the difficulty in using the correct item, navigating or getting a general picture of the situation can render escape or optimal play impossible.

Enemies affected by the status effect will act unpredictably.

Causes Edit

Mitigation Edit

One of the few ways to get rid of confusion quickly is to eat an Yuckwheat Stem, which instantly clears the status effect. However, you will not be able to tell which item is the yuckwheat stem since everything in your inventory gets jumbled like an alphabetical soup.

A common trick is to put Yuckwheat stems into a chest. The Chests should be the only (there are others, but chests are the lightest and most common) item in your inventory which has the option "Open".

It's also possible to determine which item is yuckwheat by looking at weight, which is not jumbled. If you have 4 yuckwheat stems in your inventory, then an item that weights 4 and has an 'eat' option must be it.

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