Cold Blooded is a physical defect that can be chosen at character creation for mutants to get 2 extra mutation points.


  • Your vitality depends on your temperature; at higher temperatures, you are more lively. At lower temperatures, you are more torpid.
  • Your base quickness score is reduced by 10.
  • Your quickness increases as your temperature increases and decreases as your temperature decreases.
  • +100 reputation with unshelled reptiles.

Cold blooded graph


  • There is unusual behavior around temperature -90, where quickness jumps back up, possibly for the purpose of turns taken while thawing out from Frozen
  • At high enough temperature (above +60) your Quickness actually rises above 100, turning this defect into an advantage.
    • The maximum attainable Quickness is 114, at around +1600 temperature, but you will lose health due to being on fire and may ignite/vaporize nearby objects. At a healthy +300 temperature you will have 110 Quickness, which is almost as good.
    • The best way to maintain high temperature is to drink Molten Wax, which raises it by +100 per sip and is otherwise harmless. Drinking is a free action, but you will need to do it often, which is bothersome. Wax is also relatively rare, so you may want to dilute it in some other liquid to conserve it. (1 dram of wax mixed with a waterskin of Honey is just as effective and lasts much longer.)
    • Blaze Injector can also be used -- this defect will essentially double its Quickness bonus. As usual with this tonic, you will need to balance moving and attacking to avoid combustion, which may eat up the additional turns it gives you. If possible, get high enough Move Speed so that you can move several times without wasting (much of) a turn.

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