A liquid that, upon contact with a creature, causes it to bud and produce a replica of itself (without equipment) after some time.

Your own clone is friendly, and won't retaliate even if you attack.

You cannot clone inanimate objects (walls) and robots.

To use it, pour it over the creature you want to use it on. If you clone like this multiple times, you can collect the homogenized salt in a waterskin, and once you have collected a few drams, desalinate it to get 50% (rounded down) of the Cloning Draught back.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Usages[edit | edit source]

  • Cloned merchants start without any items, they will eventually restock, and will act like the original merchants in all aspects afterwards.
  • If used in cooking, it will clone you multiple times.
  • Impure Cloning Draught will not work when poured over anything, but can still have the usual effects when cooked, in particular when mixed with Liquids that cannot be cooked on their own (e.g. Water, Blood, Primordial Soup).
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