"I want to drink the garbage water, Slog."

Cloaca Surprise is a unique recipe only learnable from Slog of the Cloaca when you have a high enough relationship with the Mollusks faction. Slog will not teach this recipe to True Kin. You can still acquire this recipe as a true kin by dominating a robot with a Ganglionic Teleprojector and having it learn it for you.

Recipe Edit

All of these ingredients are readily available in great supply in Slog's immediate vicinity, so it is trivial to cook the meal once the recipe has been learned. The unique meal effects require cooking from the recipe.

Effects Edit

Consuming Cloaca Surprise permanently transforms the player into a slug-like creature resembling Slog, with the player's sprite changing to match.


Slog and the player after eating Cloaca Surprise

The following equipment slots are affected by this change:

  • The Arm slots will be lost.
  • The Feet slot will be lost.
    • If the player has the Multiple Legs physical mutation, only one of the two Feet slots will be lost.
  • The Face slot will be renamed to "Feelers", but will retain full functionality.
  • The player will gain the unique Bilge Sphincter physical mutation.

Transformation Sequence Edit

You eat the meal.


You feel an uncomfortable pressure across the length of your body.

Feelers rip through your scalp and shudder with curiosity.

Your arms shrink into your torso.

A bilge hose painted with mucus undulates out of your lower body. It spews the amniotic broth of its birth from its sputtering mouth.

You have gained the activated ability Spew.

Known Bugs Edit

If the player consumes this meal while equipped with a Symbiotic Firefly, the firefly will be permanently destroyed, as if it had been unequipped, and the Floating Nearby slot will be filled with a generic Object instead. The Object cannot be unequipped manually, but will disappear the next time an item is equipped to the Floating Nearby slot, destroying the new equipment with it. Afterward, the slot can be used normally again.

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