"A mountainous pyramid of chrome hovers about you. The volume around it appears furrowed somehow, and sound only comes through in waves; it's as though space and time themselves were crumpled away before the thing's very presence."

A shining, metal behemoth of the Deathlands. Nearly impossible to kill, Chrome Pyramids are the highest level creature in Caves of Qud. It is suggested that to flee upon seeing one or multiple explosions on the map, or the unique flickering/glitching "waves" they emit every few seconds across the screen (real time, not turns).

Chrome Pyramids possess a tremendous amount of health (4,000) and are equipped with two Distortion Fields, powerful melee weapons and their signature ranged weapon Swarm Rack: a heavy weapon, which is a carbine and missile launcher hybrid. It fires 10 HE Missiles each turn in a 45º spread.

They can Teleport, create Force Bubbles around themselves, Regenerate and fabricate 20 HE Missiles at the cost of 100 HP.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Defeating a Chrome Pyramid grants an Achievement and provides 2-3 metacrystal bits when Disassembled.

Dismember, Disarm, and other abilities can disarm a Chrome Pyramid of their Swarm Rack. However the weapon weighs 1500 lbs., and wielding it is a challenge, especially since it consumes 10 HE Missiles for each firing.

  • To offset the Swarm Rack's tremendous weight, up to 150 Small Spheres of Negative Weight would be needed. This requires a large number of rare Bits, most likely requiring the disassembly of many other Swarm Racks and the Blast Cannons of Leering Stalkers:
  • Apply weight-reducing Tinker like the willowy or slender mods, both can reduce the Swarm Rack's weight to 187 lbs..
  • Invest in the Heavy Weapons Skill, which halves the weight of the Swarm Rack.
  • A Swarm Rack can weigh as little as 23 lbs., but only if it is modified it after the purchase of the skill "Strapping Shoulders", this is due to bug in the formula for these weight discounts.
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