Energy Cells are used to power equipment, such as artifacts.

Various energy cells may have different max charges, allowing for longer use. They can be recharged by more tinkering-oriented traders (in exchange for 1 dram of water per 500 charge units) or by using the recharge command granted by the Tinkerskill (which consumes 1 'A' bit per 3000 charge units). Recharge cost is rounded down, unless it would be rounded to 0.

Metered cells have a percentage readout, and High-capacity cells have their capacity increased by 62.5%. High-Capacity and Metered are item Mods.

Energy Cell types include:

Item Max


Fuel Value Tinker Notes
Solar Cell 2500 Sun 75 002 Continuously recharges on the surface in daytime.
Chem Cell 10000 Scrap 50 001
Fidget Cell 2500 Movement 60 001 Can be worn in hands, on arms or slotted in weapons to recharge.
Nuclear Cell 100000 Scrap 100 006
Antimatter Cell 200000 Scrap 125 008
Lead-Acid Cell 4000 Acid 60 001 Holds 8 drams.
Combustion Cell 6000 Oil 70 002 Holds 8 drams.
Thermoelectric Cell 40000 Lava 80 024 Holds 8 drams.
Biodynamic Cell 60000 Blood 100 035 Holds 8 drams.

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