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Skill Tree

Cooking and Gathering


50 sp


15 Intelligence



You can butcher fresh ingredients and other usable parts from animal corpses.

Butchery is a Cooking and Gathering skill that can be bought for 50 sp when the buyer has at least 15 intelligence, ignoring temporary boosts. It can be used to butcher a variety of animal ingredients that can either be eaten raw by a character with the Carnivorous mutation, or preserved into cooking ingredients that can be used by characters with the Meal Preparation skill. This takes one full turn and will also splatter blood to adjacent cells.

Players with the Butchery skill will automatically butcher valid corpses as long as there are no hostiles nearby. This automatic butchering can be turned off in the abilities menu.

Butchering and Cybernetics[edit | edit source]

Butchery can also be used to retrieve cybernetic implants from the corpses of implanted Putus Templar. Corpses that contain cybernetics are also unable to be consumed as food.[1] This also counts for limbs that were dismembered that contain the implant.[2] There is a base 80% chance to salvage the implant. Otherwise, it is "ripped out of the (corpse), but destroy[ed] in the process".[3] Unlike other butcher attempts, this chance is rolled for every cybernetic in the corpse, which means multiple cybernetics can be butchered from one corpse.

Corpses that can be butchered[edit | edit source]

Only one of the results will be chosen.

CorpseItems butchered
Corpse1.pngalbino ape corpse
Corpse1.pngbarkbiter corpse
Corpse1.pngbeetle corpse
Corpse1.pngbloated pearlfrog corpse
Corpse1.pngboar corpse
Corpse1.pngbone worm corpse
Corpse1.pngchitinous puma corpse
Corpse1.pngcroc corpse
Corpse1.pngdawnglider corpse
Corpse1.pngearthworm corpse
Corpse1.pngelectric snail corpse
Corpse1.pngeyeless crab corpse
Corpse1.pngeyeless king crab corpse
Corpse1.pngfire ant corpse
Corpse1.pnggiant beetle corpse
Corpse1.pngglowmoth corpse
Corpse1.pnggoat corpse
Corpse1.pnggoatfolk corpse
Corpse1.pnggreater voider corpse
Corpse1.pngice frog corpse
Corpse1.pngknollworm corpse
Corpse1.pngmemory eater corpse
Corpse1.pngogre ape corpse
Corpse1.pngpig corpse
Corpse1.pngquartz baboon corpse
Corpse1.pngrhinox corpse
Corpse1.pngsalthopper corpse
Corpse1.pngscorpiock corpse
Corpse1.pngseedsprout worm corpse
Corpse1.pngSlog's corpse
Corpse1.pngspark tick corpse
Corpse1.pngpig corpse
Corpse1.pngurchin belcher corpse
Corpse1.pngurshiib corpse
Corpse1.pngvoider corpse


This information is reliable as of patch
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