Rolling scales tessellate his monstrous, slouching form, and motes of condensate stipple his swollen chin. His tail is stretched and cracked with advanced age.

Breathers are a race of subterranean reptiles that can breathe various types of Gas in a cone in front of them. This, coupled with their decent melee capabilities, makes them a veritable threat for characters with low AV. Keep them at range.

They each have an Elder variation which has higher stats than their juveniles.

They can be butchered for one breather gland, which can then be preserved into a breather gland paste. Cooking meals with this ingredient gives you their breathing ability temporarily, similar to Slime.

  • Normal glands grants the breathing ability at level 5
  • Elder glands grants the breathing ability at level 10

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Trivia Edit

It is highly likely these enemies were inspired by bearded dragons due to the -beard suffix in their name, as well as their reptilian appearance.

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