"This ancient medical robot is shaped like a squat, friendly dwarf, with its painted features long worn away to swaths of pitted metal. It reaches a helpful arm out, holding a stubby booster injector, ready to cheerfully cleanse the world of all its varied disease."

Encountered in Bethesda Susa, boosterbots shoot randomly selected tonics at both you and any other creatures they encounter.

The most common tonic for them to fire is the empty injector, which inflicts heavy bleeding.  They can be helpful if they inject you with the right tonic.

Notes Edit

Even when they are shooting you with "helpful" tonics they can be very dangerous, as the tonics can interact and have negative side effects, including:

  • Losing the effect of the oldest active tonic
  • Creating a hostile copy of you called "Shadow <<PLAYER NAME>>", similar to the Evil Twin defect.

The shadow version of you is much less dangerous than evil twins, though.

Some of the "helpful" tonics may prove extremely detrimental even without interaction effects. A Blaze injector can severely penalize your cold resistance and possibly make Bethesda Susa's low temperatures even more difficult to counteract, while a Hulk Honey injector will significantly slow your movement, prevent you from seeing your exact HP, and cause you to lose health every round until it wears off.

For all of the above reasons, BoosterBots can badly complicate any fight involving other creatures. You don't want to be slowed to a crawl while trying to move to a safer position against a group of threatening enemies, and you certainly don't want to get into a slapfight with a dangerous monster while it's 'roided out on buff tonics. A good ranged weapon is useful for quickly picking these robots off before they become a headache.

Dismembering a BoosterBot may cause it to drop its booster gun, which functions as a single-shot ranged weapon that uses tonics (or empty injectors) as ammunition.

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