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Spirits of nature Spirits of nature 21 August 2019

Comment about gamepedia's official wiki

After suggestion from my co-admin pokedragonboy, I actually decided to visit the wiki a second time. I say it was far better than it was months ago, and there is actually some who is actively working there. 

I think you folk should check it out too. The gamepedia wiki looks beautiful and they have made an excellent choice of design, which closely resembles to the game's aesthetics. Which made me change my mind about most of the tings I said before and gave me the confidence to believe that the gamepedia wiki has the potential to improve upon what we're lacking on. 

I'm posting in here first so you didn't get the wrong idea, I am as always will work my best on making this wiki a the best and the most reliable source of information. I want to …

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Pokedragonboy Pokedragonboy 7 August 2019

Merging with the Official Wiki?

As you may know, Caves of Qud actually has two wikis. This one, (the unofficial wiki), and the official, fandom-based wiki. I would be interested in trying to merge the two. I think there are several benefits to doing this:

  • Obviously, the elephant in the room. The gamepedia wiki has developer support and a more direct line to the devs, allowing for questions on confusing or complex topics
  • Pooling our efforts with the efforts of the gamepedia editors will allow for one really good wiki rather than two pretty good wikis.
  • The gamepedia admins have a program which scans through Caves of Qud's files, automatically updating pages to match. I would love for a bot to take the minutia of this out of my hands

It feels like, if we can merge our informati…

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Pokedragonboy Pokedragonboy 9 July 2019

Possible changes to the main page

Currently, the main page is one of my favorite pages on the wiki. However, I also think that there are some changes which should be made to it. Normally, I would just make these changes myself, but I feel that something as big as changing the home page should perhaps have a little more thought.

Here is what I would like to do:

Add another row to the [ Contents ] section, in order to accommodate more image links

Add an image link to Category:Attributes:

- Attributes is already one of our most visited pages, and the contents section seems to act as a set of bookmarks to important pages on the wiki. I propose we use the Synolimb picture.

Add an image link to Category:Lore:

- A rich, flavorful world is of the biggest things setting Qud apart from ot…

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Flanqer Flanqer 22 May 2019

Wiki Manager introduction

Hello Caves Of Qud Wiki! I'm Flanqer, and I'm the Wiki Manager for your community. I'm here to help you with any questions or issues, and to be a liaison to full-time Fandom Staff. If any of you have questions related to the wiki, whether it's about editing, styling, infoboxes, policy, etc, please contact me on my Message Wall.

(Don't take the "manager" part of my title seriously. For details see the announcement on Community Central.)

Flanqer (Talk) 21:46, May 22, 2019 (UTC)

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Pokedragonboy Pokedragonboy 27 March 2019

PSA: Please Capitalize Links

In my time on the wiki, I have come across a number of broken hyperlinks. Usually these happen when someone links to a page which does not exist, and can, in fact, be a good way to tell what new pages are needed. However, there are also a good deal of broken links that lead to pages which already exist.

This is because, crucially, Wikia hyperlinks are case-sensitive.

For example, the link fire ant gaster leads nowhere, while Fire Ant Gaster will bring you to the page on the food item acquired from Fire Ant corpses.

For those who wish to link correctly but keep the links lowercase, there are options.

Visual Editor: Highlight your lowercase text, then click the Link button. This should open a small window with your lowercase text in it. Capitalize…

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Caringisdaring Caringisdaring 18 March 2019

How I start a page/Change a page too

"In-game description of what the item is in italic second button from the left to right"

Explain what the item is here in detail in bold, to do this click the first button from the left to right. Not what you think you know, what others have seen and you have seen and saw multiple times.

  • 1 First use Heading 2, then Heading 3 after the first heading. Put a heading that explains one of the few or many things that you adds to what you know above, Example "Location"
  • 2 Put a "Trivia" heading here and explain things that you can't prove but you have seen
  • 3 Try to add a category if there isn't one put it under "Info needed"
  • 4 Also I'm not a admin or GM. I just want to have a good wiki to look at when I play this game. Love you folks. This is just a guideli…

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Spirits of nature Spirits of nature 15 December 2018

We're using a new background now

As the title says the poll has been up for two weeks and decisions have been made, and Yes, I'm writing this blog only so I can make the announcement about it.

The image is the best quality I can produce for 300kb limit (which actually have worse quality than the old map since it has more details), probably so that we won't waste time and data trying to load the background. (But if someone can make better quality image, please do tell, that would be very helpful)

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Spirits of nature Spirits of nature 6 December 2018

Found three unimplemented location in the game files

Located in the objectblueprint.xml

I found three location referenced

First one is "Gijon Spring", second is "Eyn Rogel", lastly is "Otar ring Garden"

The data in game file called "Otar Ring Garden" (theoritically) referencing to garden of geth. The data includes an unimplemented placeholder creature "Pollwog", Three vegetable not native to Qud, and Three fungus also not native to Qud. And lastly a teleporter pad.

I don't want to make assumption and write it straight away into a page, so I just leave it here in a blog. I hope someone has a good idea what it is.

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Spirits of nature Spirits of nature 1 December 2018

Non-Essential but sort of Important Announcement

I'm Spirit, or Nature (call me whichever you prefer). I made it in as a new Admin for Caves of Qud wiki, and now to the point...

As I said, a week ago. I have plan to replace the background with the new image, which are the updated tileset map. Image show below:

My Reason? I think the wiki should represent what the game currently looks like. 

And just to let you know, like the old background, it would look blurrier because of the wiki would limit the image size to below 300kb.

I will put up a voting poll in the front page tomorrow, the poll will be safely located right below the front navigation. The vote will be about opinion of the visitor of the wiki regarding the changes I plan to make to the background. The voting will stay up for a coupl…

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Spirits of nature Spirits of nature 24 November 2018

I'm trying to get admin right

The guys at community central, says I should make this post to tell what I'm trying to do here. 

Basically I'm trying to usurp replace the inactive admin. Mostly because I need to actually be able delete some pages specifically some radiant item/quest and possibly to replace the background with the new version of the map.

Thats all the moderation plan that I have for in this wiki

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Bpseudopod Bpseudopod 31 October 2018

Working on the Books section

Caves of Qud has really interesting lore, and it's conveyed beautifully through the literature you can find in-game. Up until now, the Books category has relayed the full texts of the books through screenshots. This has a few disadvantages. The biggest is that this makes searching the texts impossible, both through the wiki's search feature and the browser's find feature. There's also some accessibility issues (can't use screen readers, can't change the font, etc).

I've taken it upon myself to transcribe all of the named books already on the wiki from the screencaps, in the short term. It's come to my attention that the Corpus Choliys is outdated (since the addition of fungal infections), so long-term plans include verifying each of the tex…

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Mehukannu Mehukannu 17 March 2016

Factions and Monsters


So I've been thinking of making some big changes to the whole monsters category ever since the implemention of factions. Which is to basically stop categorizing enemies and characters into those bug/horror/humanoid thigns and instead into their own respective factions. Just to make it more clear for people who are seeking to find out what factions some creatures are part of, which isn't always easy to tell.

Benefits from this would be of course help people plan their faction allegience if they have some difficulty certain type of enemies, like twinning lamprey. Of course we will need to add the base demeanor of some monsters too such as the rhinox.

This will probably be one of the bigger projects as there is already a lot of different …

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Mehukannu Mehukannu 19 February 2016

Different Outlook Again

So this time I changed the outlook pretty radically from what it was before.

I took a new background photo by taking off the scanlines and green tint to increase the quality just a little bit and then made the image bit wider so that the division line wouldn't be there anymore to ruin the increased transparency.

Other things I did is put the graphic wordmark which I pretty much took from the steam store page as it was the only one that would really fit, but also the reason I decided to change the background colours to match up with it a lot better. Overall, I am happy with this change.

Now the last thing I changed was the favicon which I took from the CoQ game exe image. I tried ray cat first, but it just didn't fit very well and I feel like …

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Mehukannu Mehukannu 11 December 2015

Different Outlook

So, I changed the outlook of the CoQ-wiki quite a bit. It is still not as pleasing as I would personally want it to be, but it is a lot better than it was previously in my opinion. The background picture isn't super good, it is really limited by the highest allowed file size (300kb).

I tried to keep the feel of the game, but it is definitely harder than it looks. Right now I took one of the colours of the background used in Qud and added here, though it looks a lot different because there is no way to add those horizontal line thingies, which change the colour up a bit. I could have gone with all black, but then it would have looked a bit odd. I suppose I could have removed the filter in the game and then taken the ASCII picture of the Qud …

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Weresmilodon Weresmilodon 21 April 2011

Anyone good at descriptions out there?

Because, really, i'm not. Really not, at times. I've been thinging about making a category exclusivly for articles and categories that needs descriptions, called something nonsencical like INOC (In Need Of Descrption) or something. But, that's pretty pointless if there isn't someone out there to remove that category from them.


Also, is there anyone out there? I'ts been some time since i've seen any new content added by someone else. Does it mean there is no one there, or that no one has anything to contribute?

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DarkRagnar DarkRagnar 6 April 2011

Streaming on JTV

I have started streaming games, and I will regularly be streaming here on

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DarkRagnar DarkRagnar 3 April 2011

My Contact Info

If anyone needs to contact me about the wiki or just want to chat, my contact info is as follows

AIM: StarPlasma

Skype: kevin.kroijer

Or contact me through the wiki!

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