This Mutation cannot be selected during character creation. It is only obtainable by consuming Cloaca Surprise.


You bear a sphincter-choked bilge hose that you use to slurp up nearby liquids and spew them at enemies, occasionally knocking them prone.

  • +6 Strength
  • +1 AV
  • +100 Acid Resistance
  • +300 reputation with mollusks
  • Bilge sphincter acts as a melee weapon.
  • +50 move speed when moving through tiles with 1000+ drams of liquid
  • You can spew liquid from your tile into a nearby area.
    • Spew cooldown: 10 rounds
    • Spew range: 8
    • Spew area: 3x3
    • Spew chance to knock the targets prone: Strength/Agility save vs. character level


  • The massive Strength boost will significantly increase both melee damage and carrying capacity.
  • The bilge sphincter melee weapon uses a unique Tail slot instead of a Hand slot, and has functionally unlimited Strength scaling, making it an excellent source of bonus damage for melee builds.
  • You are completely immune to acid damage.
  • You will be very fast in areas with lots of liquid. The move speed bonus in liquid from this mutation is nearly comparable to Multiple Legs at maximum level.
  • The activated ability scales based on character level rather than mutation level.


  • You must be standing on a tile with liquid to use the activated ability, and this mutation does not make you immune to the effects of all liquids, so it can be difficult to make use of the more dangerous ones.
  • Spew can taint liquids that you may want to collect.
  • Spew only hits a few enemies at a time.
  • Acquiring this mutation requires eating Cloaca Surprise, which removes your Arm and Feet slots.
  • Acquiring this mutation requires performing a Water Ritual with Slog of the Cloaca, which means you cannot acquire Slog's Annunclus without suffering the water ritual betrayal curse.

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