Bey Lah is a Hindren village and hidden location in the Flower Fields. The player must first discover its location manually, or have its location revealed by accepting the quest Petals on the Wind given by Lulihart, the hindren pariah in Six day Stilt. Bey Lah is known for their heirloom artifact Kindrish and you will eventually get a quest to return it.

Characters Edit

  • Warden Neelahind - The hindren warden of Bey Lah, wields the unique freezing axe Yal. Can be recruited.
  • Hindriarch Keh - The current Hindriarch and leader of Bey Lah, depending on the quest outcome Keh may later be banished and be replaced by Eskhind. Keh will teach you Berate trough Water Ritual.
    • Kesehind - Keh's bodyguard, wields the unique flaming axe Ari.
  • Eskhind - An essential side quest character, will move to Bey Lah from the Hollow Tree if you agree to make investigation. Depending on the quest outcomes, Eskhind may either be banished, stay or become the new Hindriarch. If Hindriarch, Eskhind also teaches Dual Wielding skills in the Water Ritual.
    • Meyehind - Eskhind's sister
    • Liihart - Eskhind's other sister, wields the unique electrified axe Shayna.
  • Isahind - Merchant in bey lah, sells cooking ingredients and the only merchant who sells Leather Bracers.
  • Angohind - Gives tips and direction about how to do the investigation quest.
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