"The grove's million laced fingers sway in gentle opulence. Verdant fronds nestle the base of the Spindle from its mountainous nook."

Banana groves span several square parasangs around the Spindle. The Omonporch, an important quest location, can be found here. Other that that, this biome is mostly notable for its banana trees.

Flora and Fauna Edit

Strategy Edit

You likely came here to harvest Ripe Bananas, and that can be done without any fighting, as the gibbons are usually peaceful, and the other threats will not attack you until you move into melee range. The biggest danger is accidentally stumbling near one of those monsters because it was obscured by a tree. Thus, Heightened Hearing or Clairvoyance is very helpful here. Failing that, some method of teleportation or phasing, or just high Move Speed will greatly reduce the danger.

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