"From atop its sunning boulder, this small monkey peers at you with eyes full of curiosity. Two puffs of grey fur billow out from either side of its face."

Faction: Baboons



Hulking Baboon

Shrewd Baboon


Legendary baboons name have their name formatted in this fashion: <name> the <3-12>-ringed Baboon <Title>. The number of rings determines how strong they are. They receive that much additional STR and AGI as well as additional HP in the form of: Rings x 1-10(this number is rerolled for each ring).

Title Effect
Philanderer Spawns with more baboons
Riddler Confusion
Hermit Double base HP and no additional baboons
King/Queen Multiple Arms; +1-4 STR and AGI
Sophisticate +6-12 INT
Demagogue/Bear-baiter? +1 DV


Baboons (except Hulking) fall back when approached and try to throw stones. They tend to appear in packs. A lone baboon is no threat even at level 1, but several can stone you to death with surprising speed.

Hulking Baboons can carry/throw small boulders sometimes!

Shrewd Baboons are probably the most dangerous in that they can plink you to death without you quite realizing the danger until it's too late. Very shrewd indeed!