"From atop its sunning boulder, this small monkey peers at you with eyes full of curiosity. Two puffs of grey fur billow out from either side of its face."

Baboons spawn in Hills, Rustwells, Red Rock, legendary ape lairs and the Lair of Oboroqoru.



Baboons throw stones, keeping their distance while doing so. When out of stones or too close to their target, they will instead use their melee attack. They tend to appear in packs. A lone baboon is no threat, even at level 1, but several can stone you to death with surprising speed.

Hulking Baboon

Hulking Baboons tend to appear alongside other baboons. They have three times the amount of health as a regular baboon, increased Strength, slightly increased AV, and carry a single Small Boulder that they'll throw in addition to their small stones.

Shrewd Baboon

Shrewd Baboons have a 50% chance of appearing in a pack of baboons. They have four times the amount of health as a regular baboon, slightly increased AV and Intelligence, and give more XP when killed.

Quartz Baboon

"Once quartz crystallized on the skin of a monkey bathing in the steaming pools of the subterrane. It was sculpted by the rasp of pressure and the hand of time, and now its throated vowels bounce toward the ear of the void."

Quartz Baboons don't appear alongside the other baboons, and instead appear in groups of 3-6 deep underground. They are much stronger than regular Baboons and reflect 5% of the damage they take.


Legendary baboons have their names formatted in this fashion: <Name> the <3-12>-ringed Baboon <Title>. For every ring, their Strength and Agility is increased by 1, and HP by 1d10. They're still level 1 which makes them easy to dominate, beguile and/or proselytize.

Title Effect
Philanderer Spawns with more baboons
Riddler Confusion
Hermit Double base HP and no additional baboons
King/Queen Multiple Arms; +1-4 STR and AGI
Sophisticate +6-12 INT
Bear-baiter +1 DV (bugged, they cannot have this title)
Demagogue Does nothing

You can find a legendary baboon lair that the above does not apply to. The baboon that the lair belongs till will be more random like any other legendary lair. The lair however will have several of the above legendary baboons as well.

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