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The Asphalt Mines are an optional dungeon located at the NNW edge of the map. Asphalt, which sticks the player and monsters in place like webs, is a major environmental hazard. If raised to a high enough temperature, asphalt can burn, and the fire can spread to adjacent squares; however, burning does not destroy the asphalt.

  • Smaller quantites of oil can also be found in small pools and puddles. Oil is a slipping hazard.
  • Notable enemies include Fire Snouts, which do heat damage and ignite the player from range. Humors may also ignite on death.

The 19th level is covered in asphalt and after that level the asphalt pool will have changed to lava pools. The enemies will stay the same until the 26th level where you will start meeting great magma crabs and fire ant queens protected by the lesser ants. Having high heat resistance is advised. Make sure to bring a large amount of water; many things in the mines will set you on fire.

The mines are 29 levels deep. On the 30th floor onwards, you will exit back into the standard underground biome. Note that at that depth, you will encounter extremely high level enemies, but also max-tier dromad merchants.

Loot[edit | edit source]

The mines are an ideal source of bits for any tinker who is prepared to risk the descent; scrap is scattered throughout all the floors in high quantity. Steel and carbide equipment also spawns frequently.

A variety of ranged weapons can be found in the upper to middle shafts, including chain pistols, laser pistols and sniper rifles. On the fifth level, there is a guaranteed pile of Ancient Bones with a Laser Pistol, a floating glowsphere, a random data disk, and a basic toolkit. Note that there are 9 distinct shafts (one per screen in the parasang), and you can dig your way into a neighboring shaft. Each shaft has a pile of Ancient Bones.

Occasionally, rare artifacts (such as metamorphic polygel) spawn in the upper levels, so it could be worth scanning the first few floors purely for this reason. The loot will be much better at lava levels ranging from fullerite equipment to crysteel weapons and all sorts of artifact weapons.

Threats[edit | edit source]

Common Enemies:[edit | edit source]

Lvl 1-25

Lvl 26+

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