Ingenious inventors native to Ibul, they are notable for their advanced skills in Tinkering, as well as the impressive collection of artifacts they carry. However, they lack any sort of combat training.


Starting EquipmentEdit

Strategy Edit

  • Increasing your strength and toughness to above average (at the least +1 or +2) during character creation to increase survivability.
    • Alternatively, focus on Agility and find a Gaslight Kris as soon as possible.
  • Try and assemble any weapons you get from your data disks as soon as possible!
  • Your cold resistance means you won't need as much cold-resistant armor in Bethesda Susa, and can instead focus on AV armor.
  • In the settings, turn on "automatically disassemble scrap," to save weight.
  • Save the stun rod's energy for dire situations, or pack extra energy cells.
  • While other tonics are important, salve injectors are arguably the most important for the Artifex caste.