Argyve can be found in his workshop, located in the southwest section of Joppa .

He will sell Tinker supplies, such as Scrap and Data Disks, and can repair Rusted or broken items and recharge Energy Cells. He can also identify Artifacts up to tier 3.

He begins a major quest chain:

  1. Fetch Argyve a Knickknack!
  2. Fetch Argyve Another Knickknack!
  3. Weirdwire Conduit.. Eureka!
  4. A Canticle for Barathrum

Argyve is prone to immediately murdering the Zealot the moment they come within view of one another, so it may be worthwhile to quickly grab the O Glorious Shekhinah! quest from the Zealot before visiting Argyve to start his quest chain.