Caves of Qud features 52 Achievements on Steam, all of which are listed below. The requirements for "Visible Achievements" are listed by Steam, while the requirements for "Hidden Achievements" are secret and must be determined through game play. Some less obvious achievement will now include guide on how you can achieve it.

Achievements requiring death still count if you roll the death back using Precognition.

Visible AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Requirements
Jawsnapper Jawsnapper Kill 100 Snapjaws
Eat an Entire Bear Eat an Entire Bear Kill a bear and eat it. Just eat an entire bear.
A Bond Knit with Trust A Bond Knit With Trust Become loved by a faction
Proteus Proteus Have 10 Mutations
Love Thyself Love Thyself Fall in love with yourself

How to: Use a Love Injector on yourself then examine yourself

Dark Tidings Dark Tidings Foresee your own death

How to: Die during use of Precognition

Knight Conical Knight Conical Recover Stopsvalinn How to: This artifact is found in randomized location, but its exact location can be shared by anyone during water ritual
Your Thirst Is Mine, My Water Is Yours Your Thirst Is Mine, My Water Is Yours Perform the introductory Water Ritual 100 times
Goat Simulator Goat Simulator Project your mind in a goat's body

How to: Use Domination on a regular Goat. Goatmen do not count.

Quiet This Metal Quiet This Metal Speak to the Alchemist How to: The Alchemist randomly spawn in Bethesda Susa, though it is not guaranteed. You have to exhaust his dialogue
The Laws of Physics are Mere Suggestions, Vol. 1 The Laws of Physics are Mere Suggestions, Vol. 1 Violate the Pauli Exclusion Principle How to: Phase into a wall and wait for Phasing to wear off. The wall must also be surrounded by other walls
What With the Disembowelment and All What With the Disembowelment and All Find one of Argyve's old apprentices How to: Randomly found in the salt marsh, look for spawned corpses.
Starry Demise Starry Demise Be crushed under the weight of a thousand suns

How to: Get killed by the Neutron Flux, this liquid can be purchased from the Alchemist

Mutagenic Mastery Mutagenic Mastery Advance a mutation to level 15

How to: Only possible with Mental Mutations which happen to scale its level with your Ego modifier

To Thine Own Self Be True To Thine Own Self Be True Wear your own severed face on your face

How to: Madpole would sometimes chop off your face when berserk

Biographer Biographer Learn the complete history of a single sultan

How to: Not all histories can be learned by a single method, a sultans histories are learned by: Examining Altars, Reading Book, Water Ritual, Trash Divining, Examining Engraved/Painted Items.

Pyramid Scheme Pyramid Scheme Kill a Chrome PyramidHow to: See its page for strategy on killing it.
Friend to Fungi Friend to Fungi Host three different fungal infections at once
The Spirit of Vengeance The Spirit of Vengeance Recover the Ruin of House IsnerHow to: Same as Stopsvalinn, its location is random
The Woe of Joppa The Woe of Joppa Become hated by the villagers of Joppa

How to: Can achieved by killing the important characters in Joppa.

Go on. Do it. Go on. Do it. Wield the Amaranthine PrismHow to: Unique item received during the quest Raising Indrix
Six Arms None the Richer Six Arms None the Richer Have six arms

How to: Have the Multiple Arms mutation and wearing the artifact Helping Hands or dominate

an eyeless crab

Cubic and Wisest Human Cubic and Wisest Human Activate a time cube How to: Rare high tier artifact, can be found by chances in Underground, the deeper it is the more likely this item spawn
Love at First Sign Love at First Sign Fall in love with a sign

How to: Use Love Injector on yourself and right click on a sign to look at it. A sign can be found in Joppa in front of the entrance to Argyle's house.

Peekaboo Peekaboo Become loved by newly sentient beings

How to: Newly sentient beings is a faction of sentient objects, you be liked by them directly or indirectly trough Water Ritual. But the artifact Schrodinger Page From the Annals of Qud works best at doing this.

Three-Sludge Monte Three-Sludge Monte Kill a trisludge How to: Sludge on the Rainbow Wood is capable of absorbing the trait of any Liquids it touches. Every new liquid it absorb, its name changes from mono-sludge, bi-sludge, tri-sludge, and so on. The more liquid it absorbs, the harder it is to kill.
Five-Sludge Monte Five-Sludge Monte Kill a pentasludge
Ten-Sludge Monte Ten-Sludge Monte Kill a decasludge
Donation Level Kasaphescence Donation Level: Kasaphesence Make an offering at the Sacred Well of an artifact worth at least 200 reputation

How to: A Time Cube is one of the few artifact that gives more than 200 reputation.

In Contemplation of Eons In Contemplation of Eons Perform the Water Ritual with Oboroqoru, Ape God How to: see the page Lair of Oboroqoru for how to find him
Gemini Gemini Wield Caslainard and Polluxus How to: Svenlainard have both swords, you will have to kill him to acquire it
Leap, Frog. Leap, Frog. Convince a frog to teach you how to jump

How to: Randomized village frogs are the most straightforward way to do this as legendary frog are mostly hostile to you

Hidden AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Requirements
Welcome to Qud Welcome to Qud Die for the first time
Litteratus Litteratus Read 10 books
You Are Becoming You Are Becoming Install an implant at a Becoming Nook
Shoot. Shoot. Get killed by a Chute Crab How to: Chute Crab are found in plentiful amount at Golgotha
Say No More Say No More Contract Glotrot How to: Can be contracted at Golgotha. Just keep swimming in Black Ooze until you get sore throat
Your Better Half Your Better Half Get killed by your Evil Twin
Oathbreaker Oathbreaker Violate the sacred covernant of the Water Ritual How to: Kill someone who you performed a water ritual with.
Metal Pedal Metal Pedal Contract IronshankHow to: Same as Glotrot
Tongue in Cheek Tongue in Cheek Cure Glotrot How to: Buy the book Corpus Choliys from Mayor Nuntu in Kyakukya to learn about how you can cure it.
That Was Nice That Was Nice Compliment Q-Girl How to: She can be found in Grit Gate as part of the main quest. You will eventually earn this while conversing with her
You Are What You Eat You Are What You Eat Eat one of your own limbs

How to: Madpole are capable of doing this, just let it bite your arms off and then eat your arm when you're hungry

Synolymb Synolymb Regrow a limb

How to: After getting dismembered, either use an Ubernostrum Injector or have the Regeneration mutation

Footloose Footloose Cure IronshankHow to: Methods are also found in the book Corpus Choliys
So Powerful is the Charm of Words So Powerful is the Charm of Words Read 100 books
Psst. Psst. Find the oddly-hued glowpadHow to: It can be found by chance in the Salt Marsh, you will be notified the moment you found it. Legendary plants may also share its location during water ritual
On the Rocks On the Rocks Drink lava How to: Find a lava and drink it, merchant in Six-Day Stilt are guaranteed to sell lava. Can also be found inside Thermoelectric Cell
Free Falling Free Falling Fall to your death

How to: Can be achieved by falling down the long chute at Golgotha, behind the locked door, or lift shaft at ruined wards in Bethesda Susa

You Became You Became Have a cybernetic implant installed on every implantable body part
Hole Like a Head Hole Like a Head Get decapitated

How to: Jotun Who Parts Limbs from Bethesda Susa, Warden Indrix from Kyakukya, your Evil Twin (if you have appropriate skill) and Decarbonizer are the only monsters capable of performing decapitation

Cosmo-Chrononaut Cosmo-Chrononaut Enter 25 spacetime vortices
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