A Rusted Archway Overworld

The Rusted Archway on the Overworld map.

Located Northeast of the starting town Joppa, the Rusted Archway is a good place to find artifacts and scraps of all kinds. This ruins have doors that require keycards to open.

On the ground floor of most ruins there is usually a locked room with artifacts and scrap inside.

To gain access to this Storeroom, you need to break down the walls or doors. You can do this with HE Grenades or Acid Grenades. If you are a mutant and have the Burrowing Claws Mutation, you can just dig right through the wall.


Be careful when going to your first ruin. There are powerful robots and turrets you might not be ready to face yet, so use caution and be ready to high tail it and sprint away to safety.

Boars are a very common spawn here, so characters with Butchery should be able to refill their supplies with ease.


Surface and Level 1+: